20+ Exciting DIY Garden Pathway Steps On A Slope

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It is essential to have a way to access your garden easily. It is more than just to make your outdoor space becomes enjoyable since it gives more valuable landscapes to impress your guests. However, it can be difficult if you have slopes or hills.

When you want to complete a garden pathway on a slope, there are a few different materials you will need. Some of them are optional, but you can use pavers, stakes, stones, and some tools to start working on the landscape.

If you want to build a garden pathway on a slope, the first thing to do is about planning the route. It is good to start making the garden walkway. You can make it back and forth zigzags just like a labyrinth. Keep in mind that you should not go with a straight garden pathway down a steep slope because it is not safe enough. It can cause injuries and accidents.

What if you want to create straight pathways? Well, it is fine. But, you must choose the area carefully. Mark the spots you want to avoid by using spray paint or a string. After that, mark the ground. Additionally, you need a string to determine the right route. Mark it around the stakes and then bury it along the path you want. Next, you can prepare the route. Here, you should pull out the weeds and then place a weed barrier. It makes your work faster and easier than ever.

The next thing to do is to level the path bed. You need a shovel to do this. Your job is to make the ground flat so it is safe for anyone to go down the walkway. The best way to do it is by doing it side by side. After that, dig the slope and lay the walkway surface. If you want to create the best surface for the walking path, it depends on the materials you use. It can be asphalt or concrete step stones. But, the best choice is crushed rocks or finer gravel. It is good to install railings, too.

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