34+ Simple and Cheap Fire Pit and Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Today, there are many houses go with something more than traditional wood deck and grill in the backyard. These days, people go with more beautiful accessories such as vegetable gardens, ponds, outdoor kitchen and of course, fire pit. When it comes to the firepit, the cost you need depends on the sizes, materials, and styles you want to add. Of course, there are many things to know first before you are adding a fire pit and backyard landscaping to your house.

In fact, you need to plan your budget when you want to make a fire pit for your backyard. The starting cost is about $100 to buy a simple kit at the hardware store. Just in case you love to get a DIY project, it is possible to create your backyard fire pit. But, the cost can go up for several thousand dollars when you add more landscaping ideas in your backyard.

Adding a fire pit to your backyard means you should choose whether you will go with a permanent or portable fire pit. Well, the firepit will be the focal point in the yard. If you go with a permanent fire pit, it is important to coordinate the style, color, shape, and materials from the existing features in your backyard. After that, you can go for a premade kit you buy from a hardware store to complete your needs. Other than that, you can try to fully custom and let a landscape professional design a firepit for your backyard.

Meanwhile, a portable fire pit gives more different options. For example, you can try copper fire bowl, steel or cast iron fire pit. Additionally, fire tables are possible. Typically, fire tables work with natural gas or propane with an area around the fire to put your food and drinks. Even more, you need to think more than just the style but the proper stones and the materials. The firepit should be proportional to complete the size of your yard. Therefore, you should have enough room for seating and circulation.

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