43+ Wonderful French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

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French country living room is timeless with elegant design and a relaxed atmosphere to offer. What can you do if you want to decorate your living room with a french country style? It is more than just adding relaxed color schemes or adding antique furniture. But, it is also more about adding comfort and elegance to your living room. Here are all the things you should know.

The combination of antique and vintage pieces is important when it comes to french country living room d├ęcor. It means that vintage and antique twist add more character. You should collect some antique pieces to make a sense that the room is like a gallery. Also, it is important to note that the antique pieces here are not about shabby chic feel, but historical feel.

Additionally, you should make your living room so it can give the ultimate comfort to all guests. Sometimes, the french country living room does not go with a bold pattern or color. It is common to see it with an all-white or white as the icon of French country design. But, it is okay f you want to add a pop of blush for a soft look or taupe. This is good to avoid any feeling of too industrial. You can go with neutral colors and then choose tonal pairings and more textures.

We also recommend you to add chandeliers in your living room. It is always perfect to create a French country living room with the addition of chandeliers. It is because chandeliers are the best way to add a focal point to the entire space. Even more, we think you should fill the living room with some timeless, rustic, or natural accessories. This is good to create historical feel around the space. For example, you can add rustic objects with the utilitarian appeal, not shabby chic accessories. Lastly, the French country style is about adding wood paneling, raw brick, and exposed beam to create a natural look.

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