45 Wonderful Shabby Chic Living Room Decor Ideas

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The shabby chic living room is always appealing to many homeowners. When you can do everything right, the style will give you the balance of looking pulled together and creating a relaxed atmosphere. It is more than just art, but it is also elegant. Even more, it gives you more freedom. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner, it can be challenging. It is not easy to create less-structured areas, especially to its function.

To start decorating your living room in a shabby chic style, the first thing to do is choosing a natural background. It is true that each element you add n the living room plays an important role as a whole. Therefore, you should make a more subdued role. The goal is to let the other parts shine. The shabby chic is bold and colorful. Therefore, it is important to keep the background in a natural look to create a perfect balance.

If we talk about the shabby chic living room, we cannot avoid a conversation about the structural elements. It is all about the walls and the floors. You should paint the walls with light neutral colors. For example, you can choose tan or white. Also, you should go with the simple wooden flooring. It is wrong to say that a neutral background for shabby chic is always boring. It is all about your freedom to center your design around the architectural elements such as built-in shelving or fireplace. Other than that, you can add an extra layer of visual interest to the wall by adding textured painting.

Also, it is important to add weathered furniture, antique look, or vintage details. Furniture like this will help you create a shabby chic living room easily. Well, you have some options available. You can use our ideas here to get more inspirations of the best style with the unfinished look. What we think is you will need to walk at thrift stores to find some great and unique pieces to decorate your shabby chic living room.

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