54+ Adorable Basement Playroom Decorating Ideas

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Why should you use the basement as the playroom? First, it is important to note that having a special place for playroom in your house means you need to let the valuable square footage for the kids. But, the problem is not all houses have ample space. Therefore, the case is clear if you can use the basement as the perfect solution. It only needs a smart renovation, you can even add an adult space there to keep watching the kids playing together.

When you want to create a basement playroom, the first thing to know is it is a functional space. It is more than just an adorable look. You should check the basement first whether it is good enough to create a playroom and an additional adult spot there. In other word, you should check the insulation and the emergency exit. There should be no leakages of pipe, too.

Having both kids and adult spaces in the basement are so practical. Kids want to play with their parents and therefore, it is good to keep them having fun there.It is good to plan a small entertainment area with a home workspace or a laundry room so you can still do your job while letting them playing around.

You may add square carpet tiles that will let you localize and clean up all messes easily. It is a good way so kids have no more things to find to bump against. To complete the walls, it is better to go with colorful wallpaper and wall decals. Unlike painting the walls, adding wallpaper is practical and less expensive.

The theme of the space is also important to think before designing. The choice is various such as Disney princess, superhero, and others. To add a theme to your kids’ playroom, it is good to choose their favorite one so you will see how they can smile widely. On the other hand, this theme needs to replace when they are growing. Here are more ideas to try for!

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