65+ comfortable Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

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The living room with a cozy look and clean lines are perfect to complete comfortable home design. If you wonder how to create this look, it is possible. You can start decorating your living room with a farmhouse style. Of course, there are some basics you should know when you go with a modern farmhouse style.

Farmhouse style is also about choosing the right color scheme. As you see here, the dark brown wooden floor looks perfect when it goes with the light brown TV stand and area rug. We also love the window treatment to give a little privacy.

We call it a modern farmhouse if the living room has simple and clean lines. At the same time, it can offer a cozy and comfortable feel to space. To start, you should think about the furniture. Furniture is the largest piece in your living room, and it is the focal point. Make sure that you can add a modern and farmhouse twist to your space. For example, you can add a comfortable cottage TV stand to complete the modern sofa.

Next, you should consider the accent. A comfortable living room with farmhouse style is about textured pillows, baskets, and throws. The accents are simple but it gives a cozy look to space. Also, you can create a contrast look by mixing modern pieces with texture.

When you choose accents, it is important to choose carefully. You should consider the details to give a clutter-free look. Make sure that the contrast details are enough, not too loud.

As you see in this picture, there is a light brown area rug that gives a more comfortable touch to space. It makes the sofa is so inviting to sleep or starting a conversation with others there. The last important thing to consider is about layers. Adding layers to your pillows, wall hangings, textures, and mirrors will create a clutter-free look easily. So, if you need more ideas about how to design your living room with a comfortable farmhouse style, here are more images!

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