71+ extraordinary Rock Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

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Creating rock gardens is not easy. It is a complex element to add to your garden, but once you can add it, it creates a peaceful look. Whether you want to create small or big landscape with the entire hillside, it is important to know that your plan is everything. You should plan everything carefully. When it comes to designing a garden, it is all about designing it with plenty of variety, good drainage, and others. You want to add it to your outdoor and it means you should give something around the rock gardens for a cozy look.

The first thing to do to complete your rock garden plan is about choosing the right spot. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with something small. You can choose the corner of your yard, but it is important to test the ground first. Next, you can find the real reference to get some more inspiration. A real reference can help you design your rock gardens, such as the layout and the details. You can use our images here, magazines, or other local gardens. After that, you can write down about the things you want to avoid.

Also, we recommend you to talk to your gardeners or nurseries. You can talk and share about their experience to build or to maintain the garden. Doing this is good since it can help you understand pitfalls. Additionally, you can avoid any problems to come later.

Once everything is well prepared, it is good to draw your design first before starting. You can use paper and draw your idea on it. You should create simple sketches to try different arrangements and placements. Even better, you can contact the local providers to get utility lines so these are ready. Other than that, you can choose larger rock first and place it on the lighter-colored side since these rocks will be the focal point. Don’t forget to choose the right plants such as alpine flowers, succulents, and add some short grasses. We just share more pictures here!

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