76+extraordinary Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls Garden Ideas

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Backyard ponds and waterfall garden are two wonderful things that will make your backyard becomes a paradise. It can be the best way to refresh your mind after a long work and a stressful day. However, it is a complex landscape to add to your home. It takes a long process such as digging out the pond hole that requires careful planning before you grab any shovel. For example, you must choose the right location that you will enjoy, such as the pond should be close to your patio or visible from your room’s window.

Also, if you live with the kid, make sure that the pond has some fences that he cannot climb. Remember that you cannot dig it directly. You should contact your utility company to mark your property. If you have no idea about choosing a small or a large pond, it is better to go with the large pond. It is because a large pond is easier to take care of algae.

Other than that, you should think about water circulation. You should position the pump so it is a little bit far from the waterfall garden. Once you have made your pond, it is good to add plants and fish after waiting for a week. It will make the chemicals in the tap water disappear. If you want to add a dramatic look to your pond, it is good to have a waterfall and stream there. In this case, you will need a stream bed liner to install.

Make sure that you have good commitment and big patience when you create this as your DIY project. If you want to create wonderful water flow, you need to deal with trial-and-error experiments of the rocks. Lastly, you need to control the water to flow between the rock, you need to fill the hidden passage with expanding foam sealant.

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