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The designing a front porch is something essential. It is the best way to welcome your guests. The rustic farmhouse is cool, but when you add a modern touch, it gives you a new look. It is possible to right now to create a modern rustic farmhouse design to give a unique update. It is still rustic and cozy, but some design tweaks can modernize the design. For example, the gray wood, the accent walls, and the surprising hues.

So, if you really have a rustic farmhouse porch design, you can add little modern things for a fresher look. For example, it is good to add modern light fixtures there. Really, your rustic farmhouse porch will be different once you add something modern, such as modern lighting fixtures with metals.

Alternatively, you can do something more such as adding an accent. Dressing up space with a furniture accent is the best way to update the look.

Other than that, you can try something else just to make something more modern in this area. In fact, you can add some modern style to space by painting the doors in bright colors to create an accent. If you need more inspirations, you can check out all of our images here. You can find that the homeowners have many creative ways to transform a rustic farmhouse porch into more modern than ever. It is because modern farmhouse needs updated artwork. For example, you can add painted signs for a whimsical look.

Keep in mind that wood is the sign of farmhouse style. But, you can make it more modern by using gray wood. Gray wood is a popular choice to complete a modern farmhouse space. It gives the rustic touch with more traditional hues. But, it provides you a unique and fresh look. Unexpected colors play an important role to modernize your porch design. It gives a different spin. Therefore, it is a great way to repaint the front door to set the tone of your home.

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