78+ Tiny Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget

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It is not easy to decorate a tiny apartment. The tiny apartment can be a cozy and charming place to live only if you know how to decorate it beautifully. It is not true if you cannot decorate a tiny apartment with a stylish look just because you will lose the functionality of each floor space. Even though space is limited, it does not mean it will limit your ideas.

When you want to decorate your tiny apartment, it is good to try something like an open concept. To start, define the areas and make sure each area has its purpose. You can use the entranceway and complete it by adding shoe racks and coat by the door. For the kitchen and dining areas, you can add a buffet between these areas to provide extra storage while creating a serving area.

Next, you should ask yourself such as do you have any interest? Well, you can add something to showcase your hobby. For example, if you love biking, you can add an indoor bike rack as a decorative piece to your room. Or, if you love gardening, you can create small indoor garden or indoor plants to add a fresh look.

Yes, you are dealing with a small space and it means each inch of your space is valuable. For this reason, you should invest your furniture pieces so it can do double duty. For example, you can buy a sofa you can convert to bedroom. Other than that, you can buy an ottoman with hidden storage, dining table with a built-in leaf to support more guests.

Additionally, you can deal with the storage by thinking vertically. For example, you can use tall and narrow wall mounted storage. You can use it to store toys for a decorative look. Alternatively, you a tall and large entertainment center from floor to ceiling that serves as a divider to separate living room and bedroom. Well, you can use these images to get more ideas, too!

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