79+ Astonising Modern Bohemian Living Room Inspiration Ideas

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When it comes to the modern bohemian living room, it is all about adding bright colors, the pattern and the multicultural elements you will love for its unique look. Bohemian means are artistic and socially unconventional. Therefore, this is a great interior design to choose, especially if you love a rich design that involves visual interest. Also, it is important to know that modern bohemian style is viable and distinctive.

To decorate the living room as you can see in this picture, it is important to make a solid foundation. For example, you can start it from the warm and the earthy tones with the neutral base. So, you can decorate the living room with expressive patterns and colors to create a great mix but not too loud.

Additionally, you can create something harmonious in your living room such as adding neutral tones and saturate it with color. To do so, you should keep the base tone muted. You can create a modern bohemian d├ęcor with soothing oasis. We do not recommend you use a bright base tone. Because it is too rich and it ends with a boring look. The safe option is always to go with neutral color palette to avoid a chaotic starting point.

Even better, you can complete a modern bohemian style with the addition of metallic or mirrored surfaces. This is important to create larger and brighter look. Mirrors and metallics will add a focal point to your room while providing glamorous touch. Do you need more tips on how to decorate modern bohemian style in your living room? It is good to create something DIY such as mosaic-tiled mirrors, lights, and lanterns, or others. It looks good to combine bohemian with Moroccan design to give an interesting focal point, too. If you need more inspirations and ideas about modern bohemian style, you can get more here!

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